Radial HUD

Auto CAD & Civil 3D

10 commands in a single click

The ultimate productivity tool for Auto CAD & Civil 3D. The Heads Up Display (HUD) allows commands to be triggered instantly, greatly improving workflow speed, and reducing the need for typing.

Officially approved by Autodesk.

No install required, fully portable and can run from a USB.
Version 1.0 now available.

Radial HUD Options

  • One click enables the heads up display.

  • On screen visuals for 6 commands.

  • Select any emoji and color.

  • Customize your commands.

Quick Clicks Options

  • Provides one click instant access to 4 commands.

Radial HUD Options

  • Super fast access to six frequently used commands.

  • Customize your commands and select any emoji.

Color Options

  • Customize your color scheme

  • Select any background color, and font color.

Quick Click Options

  • Type any command, and select an action.


  • Display's a preview of the HUD (Heads Up Display).

  • Click "Save and Preview" to refresh the HUD.

How to use Radial HUD

1) Launch Radial HUD and make sure Auto CAD or Civil 3D is open.
2) Hold down the Right mouse button, slide the mouse forward. (This will Activate the Heads up Display)
3) Continue holding down the right mouse button and hover over the custom command, Release the right mouse button.



Designed for Windows 10.
6.9MB RAM.
Download size
469 Kb

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