• Change the date & time attributes for absolutely any file type, including folders.

  • Super easy to use.

  • No install required, fully portable and can run from a USB.

  • Completely free for everyone.

  • Version 1.0 now available.


  • Drag any file into Datenamic.

  • Supports absolutely all file types, including folders.

Apply Changes

  • Click the button to apply the new date and time.

  • Super-fast results.

Date & Time options

  • Type in a date, or select from the dropdown calendar.

  • Type in a time, or use the up and down arrows.

Advanced Controls

  • Control individual attributes.

  • Specify different dates and times for the Created, Modified and Accessed properties.

File Properties

  • View the file properties for the updated date & time.

  • The date can be set to the past, or in the future.

Windows Explorer

  • The date & time can also be viewed in windows explorer.



Designed for Windows 10.
Requires 3.0 MB RAM.
Download size 338 Kb

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